TEMPUS-TACIS Joint European Project N25186-2004
Master in Environmental Law and Policies in the Russian Federation (FRELP)

Contact point of the project:
Professor Nikolay Popov
Vice-rector for International Relations
Lilia Mozerova
Head of International Relations Office
Tel. +7 (4752) 720366
Tel. +7 (4752) 630366
Fax. +7 (4752) 630216
E-mail: post@ums.tstu.ru


  1. University of Genoa, Italy (Project contractor)
  2. TSTU - Tambov State Technical University, Tambov, Russian Federation (Scientific coordinator)
  3. Udmurt State University, Ishevsk, Russian Federation
  4. Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovak Republic
  5. University of Alicante, Spain
  6. ARPA Piemonte, (Piemont Regional Agency for Environmental Protection, Italy,(Turin)
  7. Association "Europa Liguria Mediterraneo" , Italy ( Genoa)
External experts:
  • Nadezhda Petrova, Department of Nature Management and Environment Protection,Tambov Regional Administration
  • Alexei Biryukov, Head of Department for International Cooperation, Ministry of Natural Resources of Russian Federation.
  • Victor Kruglov, Head of Department of Licensing, Certification and Accreditation, Federal Sevice for Education and Research Supervision (Moscow), Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences