TEMPUS-TACIS Joint European Project N25186-2004
Master in Environmental Law and Policies in the Russian Federation (FRELP)


Documentation centre

It is envisaged to create a Documentation Centre on Environmental Law and Policies (DCE), it will be equipped and operated according to the standard of European Higher Education Institution. It will act as a training and consulting unit for higher education and environmental issues.

Main objectives:

  • to provide a Service Centre for research on European Law and Policies;
  • to assist the teaching staff in the development of training programmes on European Environmental Law both at graduate and postgraduate levels, also with e-learning and Internet instruments;
  • to promote support initiatives aimed at increasing environmental awareness and greater understanding of European Environmental Law and Policies;
  • to collaborate with teachers, researchers and students concerned with these studies from perspectives other than strictly legal;
  • to develop the dissemination, effectuve implementation and enforcement in Russia of European Law and regulation, data and information;
  • to promote a collaborative network with other research centres on the same topics, local authorities, NGOs, media, the scientific community, the business community, for the implementation of research on environmental policies;
  • to improve environmental data collection, empirical understanding of environmental sustainability, monitoring, indicator tracking and performance measurement or benchmarking;
  • to identify, through comparative analysis, "best practices" on environmental regulation and policies, in order to enforce the use of New Environmental Policy Instruments(NEPIs).

Last but not least, the DSE will be the location of a Orientation and Assistanse Service to the Placement(OASP) which will represent the linkage among the public and private institutions involved in environmental subjects such as research, policies, laws and job.

Documentation Centre Provisions