TEMPUS-TACIS Joint European Project N25186-2004
Master in Environmental Law and Policies in the Russian Federation (FRELP)


Master Programme

This master programme is developed in the frames of Joint European Project TEMPUS-TACIS 25186-2004. It will begin in September, 2006.

The programme is a result of joint activities of 5 universities:

  • University of Genoa (Italy)
  • University of Alicante (Spain)
  • Slovak University of Technology (Slovakia)
  • Tambov State Technical University (Russia)
  • Udmurt State University (Russia)

The general goal of the programme is to provide science graduates with the opportunity to extend their scientific knowledge into the area of the environment as well as providing an introduction to the field of environmental law and policy, macro-ecology, economics and sustainable development.

The evaluation of students in Master degree will be done on the basis on the European credit system (ECTS) as a student-centred system and a true and reliable indicator of quality in higher education.

The student should have defended Master thesis upon the completion of study.

The teaching will be done both in Russian and English. European teachers will take part in the teaching process.

At present time electronic versions of the program teaching materials are developed. Electronic materials are published in the multimedia learning management system VitaLMS TSTU in the form of the system training courses. Each VitaLMS course represents e-learning environment having the learning content, text forum, text chat, video chat, virtual class room, video presentations system, testing system, multimedia practical tasks system and other learning tools. More detailed information about VitaLMS system can be received here..
Demo version of e-learning course "Watershed management and protection" is accessible till 1.09.2008 here. Full access to the program e-learning resources and e-learning environment for the learners is provided after their registration in VitaLMS system. Registration must be approved by the master program instructor.