TEMPUS-TACIS Joint European Project N25186-2004
Master in Environmental Law and Policies in the Russian Federation (FRELP)


Admission terms

Admission terms coincide with those of terms accepted in TSTU.
English level is evaluated at the interview.

Degrees and diplomas

The master degree is obtained upon the completion of the course as well as the certificate about the participation in the joint Russian European educational programme. The State Diploma of the Russian Master is also issued.

Admission contact point
Professor Nikolay Popov
Head of the Chair "Nature Management and Environment Protection"
Irina Yakunina, Assistant Professor
Room 430, 112 Michurinskaya st. 112 Tambov Russia
Tel: (4752)63-03-65
Fax: (4752)63-02-16
E-mail: e-mail: Eco@nnn.tstu.ru